Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Updates, Updates...

Hey all, I'm back and I thought I'd update everyone (including myself!) on whats been happening over the last few weeks;

1) Updated MINDSTORMS Website

The MINDSTORMS website has been upgraded with a flashy new layout and a few new features; including a dedicated Bonus Models page, and a "funzone" segment. The new colour scheme matches that of the NXT 2.0 kit, but with the update comes a few buggy or slow menus which will hopefully be fixed in the near future. NXTLog has also been upgraded (although remaining as NXTLog 2.0).

2) LDD 3.0

LDD is closely intergrated with the MINDSTORMS line of products as a way of users to share their models with others, and with the upgrade from LEGO Factory to LEGO DesignBy Me comes the latest updates for this free CAD software. The new NXT 2.0 parts have been added amoungst a few new cool features, including an upgraded hinge tool and a compatability mode to help LDraw users convert their models for use in LDD.

3) Bonus Model #4: Stonehenge

The NXT 2.0 bonus models keep coming with the latest created by Philo. His model "Stonehenge" is now available on the MINDSTORMS website (See above picture for a peek at it)

4) The NXTStep

The NXTStep contributors have been on fire over the last few weeks with multiple posts nearly everyday. Have a look at a number of articles on converting between NXT kits here, and look through the archives if you missed anything else!

5) Philo's Color Sensor Comparison

Philo created an amazing but simple to understand comparison of the LEGO Color Sensor and HiTechnic Color Sensor, describing the strengths and weaknesses of both. This article can be found here

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