Monday, July 14, 2008

NXT BatCycle ( Batpod )

To celebrate the release of Batman’s latest film, “The Dark Knight”, the NXT BatCycle was created! Armed and dangerous, the BatCycle can handle any opponents it may encounter with its’ hidden rocket launcher that expands from the body of the bike. With its’ large wheel area, the NXT BatCycle can also stand and move unaided! (with minor turning exceptions)

The BatCycle is a possible NXT (NeXT) generation of the Dark Knight’s vehicle collection, and has been designed in terms of style to be as similar to Batman’s other vehicles (Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, etc) as possible (Black TECHNIC panels)

The BatCycle’s documentation has been split up into four main modules, as well as a small section on the NXT BatCycle’s weapon, and how to construct the black TECHNIC panels from the TECHNIC Tow Truck (Set No. 8285). An .LXF file of the basic construction of the BatCycle as well as a basic program, have also been provided on the NXTLog page for this model.

For more information on the NXT BatCycle, please check out its' NXTLog page here

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