Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm back after a few months of exam preparation and complettion, and while I have been inactive a few events have occured...


1) The NXTLog Climate Connections Challenge winners have been announced! Have a look here at some of the amazing creations that will inspire your FLL team. This is a great resource for inspiration - check out NatoNX's entry - he made his own challenge mat from scratch! All winners of this challenge can be found on this page

2) The NXTLog People's Choice Building Challenge is out! This challenge is unique - as you create it! The prize? The winning projects will be used as 'official' NXTLog challenges! All projects must be tagged with "peopleschoice", and all entries need to be submitted by the 20th June. Have a look at all the challenge details here


As we all know (and anticipate!), the MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 kit is soon to be released. The NXTStep is probably the best source for new information on the kit, have a look here for past and present articles


The HiTechnic IR Seeker V2 is out, but currently not available on the LEGO online. It includes a few new features that can be viewed here. This sensor will be required for the Robocup Soccer challenge... see below.

Robocup Junior New Zealand

The Robocup Junior New Zealand competition is open for registration! Hopefully, my to-be-created team will enter this year's challenge, and I will update our status on this blog before and after the competition (5th September for our region, Auckland). Find out more about the challenge here