Friday, August 1, 2008

NXT Jungle Cutter

Straight from "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" comes the NXT Jungle Cutter! As seen in the film, the NXT Jungle Cutter can cut down trees using its' front saw blades (Exo-Force Wheels), and crush stray branches and twigs with its' 'Grinder' mounted just above the front triangular 'shield' (See Pictures).The NXT brick is mounted behind all of this inside the cabin of the Jungle Cutter.The NXT Jungle Cutter uses two NXT Servo Motors, as well as 2 PF Motors (One PF Motor is a dud, and is mainly a cosmetic and used to keep the model symetrical and balanced). The PF motors are connected to the NXT Brick using a converter cable that was made by cutting a PF Motor wire and a NXT cable wire in half, and then soldering them together. One PF Motor controls the front saw, and the other the Grinder mounted just above the saw.

The Saw and Grinder,

The 'Saw' of the NXT Jungle Cutter was made using two wheels from the Exo-Force model "Mobile Devastator (Set# 8108), and is powered using one PF Large Motor (The other PF motor is a 'dud', and is used to keep the model symmetrical). As one wheel turns, powered by the PF motor, it meshes with the other wheel, allowing it to rotate as well. A castor wheel has been attached to the Exo-Force wheels to help them balance and mesh.

The Grinder is mounted just above the saw, and is powered using a small PF motor and a worm gear.

The Tracks

The Tracks of the NXT Jungle Cutter are both powered by individual Servo Motors, and are connected to the front of the model either side of the 'saw'.