Sunday, March 22, 2009

LA's NXT Guitar

Are you ready to Rock!? Well now you can play all of those amazing or just plain cool guitar riffs with LinearActuator's NXT Guitar!

The guitar can play up to 12 tones, or can be configured to play a mixture of tones and chords thanks to it's neck slider.

One of the two NXT bricks controls the 4 touch sensors, the other brick controls the rest, and both bricks communicate with each other via Bluetooth to produce MINDSTORMS Music!
LA's NXT Guitar consists of:
- 4 Touch Sensors
- 1 Light Sensor
- 1 US Sensor
- 2 NXT bricks
- Lots of TECHNIC pieces!
Further details are available on NXTLog here


Marc-A Bazergui said...

holy cow that one really rocks! Very cool design. Only problem is with pictures of NXT moc's that do not show the cables connected. I usualy don't pay much attention to NXT robots with no wires attached.

LinearActuator said...

Hey Marc,

I understand your problem, and I realise I should have taken pictures with the cables plugged in! I thought that the NXT Guitar looked cleaner without the wires (all the wires did fit), but I now know for next time to keep the wires in the picture!