Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi-Technic's new EOPD Sensor!

Recently Hi-Technic released their new Electro Optical Proximity Decetion sensor, or EOPD, a sensor that can:

"accurately detect objects and small changes in distance to a target . The EOPD or Electro Optical Proximity Detector uses an internal light source to detect the presence of a target or determine changes in distance to a target. By generating its own light source, the EOPD is able to filter out all external light signals so as a robot moves from bright areas to dimmly lit areas or through shadows, the EOPD automatically compensates and only returns a signal based on its own light source. Targets can be accurately detected over distances up to 12 inches (30 cm)"
(Hi-Technic's Website)

I will fully review this new sensor when I can get my hands on one ;-)
Meanwhile, check out Hi-Technic's webpage here for more information. This sensor currently costs $73.94USD to order and ship to New Zealand, or $46.99USD for the sensor excluding postage etc. To place an order, visit HiTechnic.

Also, if you didn't already know, there is a new HiTechnic IR-Link PowerFunctions block, that allows the NXT to control a PF motor's speed and direction. This NXT-G block can be found here