Sunday, July 12, 2009

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT-G 2.0 - Image Editor

Now I will have a look at the Image Editor included in NXT-G 2.0 (The software that is included in the LEGO MINSTORMS NXT 2.0 kit.)

Preliminary Actions

Run NXT-G 2.0

The Image Editor

The Image Editor can be located under the 'Tools/Image Editor...' menu in the software package.

Click on this menu option to run the Image Editor. You will know it is loading if the image on the left appears in the middle of your screen

This window will appear - welcome to the Image Editor!

The Image Editor window can be divided into seven areas(Clipboard not shown):

Green Area: This is where we can import an image we would like to have on the NXT brick. The images will be converted into a grayscale format viewable on the NXT brick.
Red Area: This is similar to a MS Paint interface - each button is a different tool for creating/editing images. Notice that unlike Paint, there is no colour pallet - all images on the NXT will be shown in a 'Black and White' style. The tools available are

* Pencil: Allows you to draw freestyle
* Line: Allows you to draw a straight line
* Rectangle: Will help construct a rectangle/square in your image
* Fill: Will fill the desired area with black (Make sure there are no gaps in the edges - otherwise the fill will 'leak' into the rest of the image.
* Elipse: Will help you create a circle/oval shape in your image.
* Erase: Removes unwanted parts of your image.
* Clipboard: This tool will allow you to select an area in your image, by dragging a visible, dashed orange box over the area you would like to select (This can also be used just to select and move areas of your image that you have misplaced). Once selected, an extra area will appear in the Image Editor window, and you will be able to cut, copy, and paste your selection into other parts of your image.
* Text: This allows you to type letters and words you would like to appear in your image. If you begin typing in the middle of the image and your typing reaches the side of the editing area, the previous words will start moving towards the left of the editing area so you can fit more in. When your typing reaches both sides, you will be unable to type further on that line.
* Brush Size: This lets you choose the size of the editing brush (small/medium/large)

Blue Area: This is where the Undo and Redo opertaions can be controlled.
Yellow Area: The area where you can edit your image.
Black Area: This is where you image will be previewed as it will appear on your NXT's screen
Brown Area: This is where the 'Save', 'Help', and 'Close' operations are located.

The clipboard window appears between the Black and Brown areas from the previous image (above)

When you are drawing in the editing area, what you are currently drawing before letting go of the left mouse button will be displayed in orange. This is also true when selecting areas of your image for the clipboard, and what you 'paste' into your image.

Compatable images that the editor can open are: .ric (Images created in NXT-G 2.0), .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .bmp. To save an image as one of those formats, enter the .xxx ending after the filename. (This also works in NXT-G 2.0 if you would like to save the output as something other than .ric)

Useful Shortcuts:
(All shortcuts do not require you to press the '+' symbol)

Ctrl + O : Opens a window to browse for images you would like to import.
Ctrl + S : Save your image
Ctrl + H : Will open both a web browser window containing the help file for the editor, as well as a 'Context Window" - hovering your mouse above an item you are unsure about will result in information being shown in this window (Usually the name and possibly a description of the item you enquired about)
Ctrl + Z : Undo
Ctrl + X : "Cuts" a selected area
Ctrl + C : Copies a selected area into the clipboard
Ctrl + V : Pastes a selected area copied into the clipboard

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