Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LEGO TECHNIC Design School

While looking through some old files, I found a link to the LEGO TECHNIC Design School, which can no longer be accessed via the LEGO TECHNIC website. However, the Design School is still up and running, with 3 lessons on TECHNIC basics, which are quite useful to read when constructing a MINDSTORMS robot.

The 3 lessons available are:

TECHNIC 101 - The basics - quite literally. Talks about the LEGO measurement of 1M, etc, and goes over each of the TECHNIC pieces available and what they are used for

Gears 101 - More interesting and definately worth a read if you are still fairly new to gears and how they work. Can also teach an old dog new tricks ;-)

Stability with LEGO TECHNIC - Shows you how to make stable structures for your creations

Each lesson also has a quick quiz at the end for users who are logged in.

The TECHNIC Design School can be found here, and it can be found by searching for it using Google.


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