Sunday, May 11, 2008

New LEGO PowerFunctions Winch Block

While browsing through a shop in a mall, a new LEGO Creator Model caught my eye, the #4995 Cargo Copter. With this set comes the new LEGO Power Functions Winch Block, an interesting new addition to the Power Functions series of LEGO elements. (Sorry bout the bad quality of the Pic - I will try and get a better quality one soon)

The PF Winch Block looks like the PF Sound Block with a spool of thread attached to the side. I presume that the PF Winch Block works slightly like the PF Sound Sensor, when the button is pressed the winch lowers or raises.As I do not currently own this new PF element I can't say much about it, but when I compared the size of the PF Battery Box to the length of the PF Winch's thread on the box's picture, it didn't look very long.

The Cargo Copter set currently costs around $40NZD, which, when compared to what you get, is slightly overpriced. I personally will wait and see if the PF Winch is included in another, better value for money set, before purchasing.

A Link to the Official LEGO Creator page for the #4995 Cargo Copter:

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